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Ben Tre

Ben Tre is one of the best places in Vietnam for taking a boat trip to visit a floating market as well as to experience the real life of Vietnamese people in the Mekong delta region.
Ben Tre is one of the best places in Vietnam for taking a boat trip to visit a floating market as well as to experience the real life of Vietnamese people in the Mekong delta region. Another great way to discover Ben Tre is taking a guided bike tour which offers you the chance to cycle on the back roads.

Ben Tre is situated in Mekong Delta. It shares its border with Tien Giang in the north, Vinh Long in the west and south-west, and Tra Vinh in the south. The provincial capital is Ben Tre. Other administrative divisions include Chau Thanh, Cho Lach, Mo Cay, Giong Trom, Binh Dai, Ba Tri, Thanh Phu, Mo Cay Bac.

Ben Tre province has 60km seashore. The four main rivers which run through the province are Tien Giang, Ba Lai, Ham Luong, and Co Chien. They create Bao, Minh, and An Hoa islets.The topography is flat with sand dunes and fields. Though rivers surrounding the province, water transportation is very available.

Ben Tre is 16km from My Tho, and 86km from Ho Chi Minh City, accessible by Rach Mieu Bridge from My Tho (Tien Giang Province) and Co Chien Bridge from Tra Vinh. There are regular buses to some destinations in the South and Central Highlands. Ben Tre is also accessible by ferry from My Tho. Tourist can visit some attracted places in Ben Tre such as Phung Islet, Quy Islet, Oc Islet… by high-speech boat.

Ben Tre Weather

It is moon soon climate. The rainy season lasts from May to October. The dry season lasts from December to April next year. The average annual temperature varies between 26 and 27oC. The average annual rainfall is 1,250mm - 1,500mm.

Ben Tre things to see

Having complex network of rivers and canals, Ben Tre has advantage to develop ecotourism with many green fruit gardens. Ben Tre is the granary of Mekong Delta. There are agriculture productions such as rice, corn, pineapple, custard-apple, star apple, durian, mango, longan, and many more.

Ben Tre is well known as poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu's motherland. Other popular places are My Hoa Bird Reserve, Con Phung (Hillock of the Coconut Religion), Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary, Vien Minh Pagoda.

Cai Mon Orchard Village

Cai Mon orchard village is considered as the kingdom of bonsai in Viet Nam.

According to research documents on South, in the past, two banks of the canal in Cai Mon was the gathering place of honey bees because Cai Mon has lush orchards with flowers bloom throughout the year. The name Cai Mon was originated from that. Cai means the grand canal and Mon is slang of Mum, which means honey in Khmer language.

While all rivers and canals flow in one direction, the tide of Cai Mon Canal begins from both its head and end. The meeting place of two tides is called Dragon’s navel (ron Rong). This part of the canal is larger with calm tide forming one of the most beautiful floating markets of the Mekong Delta.

Con Phung Island

Con Phung island stands in the middle of the Tien River between My Tho and Ben Tre, 12km from the city-centre, (by road) and 25km (by waterway). Con Phung has an area of 50ha.

In Con Phung, people explore fruit gardens and taste the local culinary specialties, visit a handicraft village that produces furniture with materials taken from the coconut tree. As well, there are families who raise bees that make honey from the longan flower. The product is sold on the spot.

Ben Tre Map


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