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LotusDelta.com is an online travel magazine that has been customized by Khuong Nguyen, his friends and partners who are fan of active adventure travel activities such as trekking, hiking, cycling and more.

In 2005, they had the idea of creating a fun, enjoyable place for those who love travel actively. But the project only started in 2008 when Khuong posted the first article about adventure travel in Vietnam. And immediately the site was largely supported by the community of adventure travelers.

The website is made of six key categories including deals, news, destinations, activities, spa and reviews.

The deals category lists all the hottest travel deals and promotions that are continuously updated by Lotus Delta members including hotel promotions, restaurants discount vouchers, travel agents discounted packages, tour operators last minute deals, car rental companies offerings, boat/junk cruises agencies offers and more.

Comes then the news category where lots of fresh and hot news about travel, tourism are daily posted. This information, mostly provided by our members and freelance reporters can be a great resource for you to plan a perfect active vacation to Asia.

Destinations and activities categories are the most important categories of the site where you can find tons of tour packages ranging from easy-touring to challenging. Most of these tour packages are customizable including a wide selection of active adventure travel you can enjoy only in Asia – Jungle trekking, hiking, hitch-hiking, walking, cycling, motor biking, sea kayaking, river rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling and much more.

Another great part of the site is the Spa category. This is an ideal place for you to post articles, information, tips and other spa related information. We believe this section will be loved by leisure travelers.

And finally, comes the reviews section where we gather all the reviews of our members about the service they have used such as hotel, meal, tour operators, travel companies, sightseeing…This is a must-reading section if you are about to go to Asia.

We hope that more articles, travelogues, stories and useful categories will be suggested and posted in the coming time making our space more fun and enjoyable. Thank you for all your support and contribution. We do hope to see all of you in an off-line party soon :)