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Binh Phuoc

Binh Phuoc is a good place in Vietnam for taking a bike ride or a mountain hike to enjoy the natural landscape. Ba Ra mountain, Bu Gia Map national park, Suoi Lam lake, Tay Cat Tien primitive forest are best spots in Binh Phuoc.
Binh Phuoc is a good place in Vietnam for taking a bike ride or a mountain hike to enjoy the natural landscape. Ba Ra mountain, Bu Gia Map national park, Suoi Lam lake, Tay Cat Tien primitive forest are best spots in Binh Phuoc.

Binh Phuoc is on south of Viet Nam. It is surrounded by Cambodia on the north and north-west, Dak Nong and Lam Dong provinces on the east, Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces on the south and Tay Ninh Province on the west. The provincial capital is Dong Xoai. Other administrative divisions include Binh Long, Phuoc Long, Dong Phu, Hon Quan, Loc Ninh, Bu Dang, Bu Gia Map, Bu Dop, Chon Thanh.

Transportation is mainly by road. The National Road N°. 13 links to Ho Chi Minh City, Chon Thanh, An Loc, Loc Ninh districts then Hoa Lu Border gate crossing which to Cambodia. The National Road N°14 connects Chon Thanh with Dong Xoai Town then Gia Nghia, Buon Ma Thuot.

Binh Phuoc Province is the result of a merger of two former provinces: Phuoc Long Province and Binh Long Province, which existed before 1975. Both Phuoc Long and Binh Long then became part of Song Be Province in 1976, which also included Binh Duong Province. Song Be Province was dissolved in 1997 and Binh Phuoc again became a separate province. Several significant battles were fought in what is now Binh Phuoc Province.

Binh Phuoc Province is relatively flat with elevations of between 50 metres (160 ft) and 200 metres (660 ft) throughout most of the province. Elevations are gradually higher towards the east of the province and reach around 500 metres (1,600 ft) near parts of the border with Dak Nông Province of the Central Highlands. The highest elevation is Ba Ra mountain (736 metres (2,415 ft)) in the centre of the province. There are several hills around the province with heights of up to around 200 metres (660 ft) in the west and 300 metres (980 ft) in the south east.

Forestry land takes 49 per cent of the province's total area. Forests are located mostly in the north east and south east of the province as well as along the northern border with Cambodia and the western border with Tây Ninh Province. Much of the rest of the area is used to grow perennial cash crops.

Binh Phuoc Weather

There are no cold winters. The average annual temperature is 27oC. The rainy season lasts from May to October and the dry season lasts from November to April next year. The average annual rainfall is 2,110mm.

Binh Phuoc things to see

Binh Phuoc has many potential landscapes and vestiges. They are Mo Waterfall, Ba Ra Mountain, Waterfall No4, Bau Lach grass field. The historic sites are Mien military committee, Loc Hoa and Loc Quang fuel dumps. The first communist party cell of Mekong Delta was born in Phu Rieng commune, Phuoc Long Town. Other famous sites include Soc Xiem and Suoi Lam tourist areas, Bu Gia Map National Park, Bombo Village.

Ba Ra Mountain

With the height of about 723m, Ba Ra is the highest mountain in Binh Phuoc Province and one of three highest mountains in the South-East.

Visiting Ba Ra Moutain, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the cool and fresh air, see clusters of clouds floating over the mountain in the early morning or a curtain of dew in the afternoon and discovering a lot of beautiful spots. Surrounding the mountain is the special-use forest which preserves all the trees of a tropical forest.

 Ba Ra Mountain also is the place which witnessed the success of Phuoc Long Town’s army and people during the resistance wars against French Colonial and the American Empire in the past. Now, here still preserves many historical relics related to these two wars such as Ba Ra Prison Relic, heliport, Doi (Bat) Cave, Cay Sung (Fig Tree) Cave, etc. In addition, in the peak of the mountain, there also is Thien Hau Temple dedicated to Lady Thien Hau and Lady Chua Xu.

Thac Mo Lake

During the rainy season (from May to October), the lake’s water surface can spreads to 12,000ha, so it looks like an immense sea amidst the forest and mountains. At night, Thac Mo is sparkling and brilliant with lights from the hydro-electricity power plant. Coming to Thac Mo Lake, visitors also have the opportunity to drop the net to catch fishes with local fishermen and enjoy local specialties.

Suoi Lam Lake

Suoi Lam lake is a large and beautiful lake with verdant hills of rubber tree. At the lakeside, there have been tourism spots constructed for visitors, including fantastic floating restaurants. Visitors can try boating, swim in the lake or picnic in the forest located beside the lake. On holidays, numerous tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and other nearby provinces flock to Suoi Lam to take a rest.

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